Why Heroes?
Because we believe that a potential Hero is hidden in each and every HR person; because we believe that HR is sexy and that HR professionals can make the difference in the board room, as well as on the shop floor. Because we focus on helping HR professionals at all levels to further develop in their current role or in the next stage, within or outside of the organisation.

What exactly is a Hero?
A Hero has guts and asserts him/herself in a positive manner. They are courageous, show their colours, stand up for something, appear where required, do extraordinary things and offer a hug to someone who needs it once in a while. And they serve as a role model and an example to their environment. It would be wonderful if this would apply to all HR people in organisations, and we focus on contributing to this through (permanent and interim) mediation and (individual and team) coaching.

For Whom?

We are continuously looking for Heroes (permanent and interim)
Fortunately we have many HR contacts with plenty of influence in their organisation, who are Business Partners for management and make a difference on a daily basis. These are our Heroes with whom we like to identify. But we would like to get to know many more (potential) Heroes. It is not that they are required to have all knowledge or are never allowed to doubt anything; neither do we. But we are looking for HR people who want to improve every day, just like we do, and who have the ambition to take HR in their organisation to the next level. If this applies to you, we would love to contact you and see whether our extensive network of Heroes may be able to help you. It is our passion to play an important and inspiring role in your growth.

Companies which require a Hero
Whether you’re a CEO or HR Manager of a large corporation or a member of the board/MT member of an SME business, at some point you will require one or several permanent or interim Heroes who is/are able to manage a transformation within your company and can ensure acceptance of the change by adding the human touch. Alternatively, you may require a sparring-partner who helps you to set up HR from scratch or make it future-proof. Or maybe you are looking for a partner for the HR professional working in your team and who can help take the next step as HR. We can certainly help you in any of the above cases and are more than happy to discuss your situation.


About HR Helden
HR Helden is an agency that focuses entirely on HR. We service all of The Netherlands from our offices in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen, working for very diverse organisations, both large corporations and SME. Following is a concise summary of our activities:

Recruitment & Selection
HR interim management
Individual coaching
HR team development

The crème de la crème (permanent and interim)
Our agency focuses on making the difference by introducing the best possible candidates for your company. We can provide the crème de la crème in the area of HR, and challenge companies to find real Heroes who can advance the organisation and HR professionals to find the Hero that lies hidden inside of them. This is the type of HR agency we want to be: extremely focused, improving every single day and with humour. We are driven by having fun and enjoying what we do.

Developing HR professionals (Hero Plan and HR Journey)
We are involved in mediation of permanent and interim HR professionals at all levels, and we also want to focus on the development of HR professionals who wish to take the next step and have greater impact within their organisation. We do this through the Hero Plan (individual coaching of HR professionals) and the HR Journey, a programme especially developed for HR teams that want to take the next step as a collective. Many individual HR professionals and teams have successfully completed the Heroes process and the HR Journey, and they would be happy to tell you more about this!



The perfect mix of human and business. They slink their teeth into an assignment and come up with an effective solution!

Jan Fuchs, Psychologische Adviesbureau Fuchs

Customization, following-up deadlines, clear and honest communication are the key words that always apply in the service. Good assessment of which candidate fits within the culture. A valued partner.

Hubert v.d. Nut, Bosch

Already the fifth time we work together. And yes, that certainly means something!

Shadine van Dijck, Goedhart

Broad HR knowledge, serious discussion partners for employees, managers and the management team.

Angelique van der Loo, Sector Institution Transport & Logistics

An important contribution in finding the HR hero withing me.

Heidi van Barneveld, Brandloyalty

HR borring? No, HR Helden has shown me the oposite. Besides having had a lot of fun, I also learned a lot the past year.

Melanie Karsten, Merison


Want to talk some more?
We would be happy to enter into discussion with you, whether as an organisation wishing to advance their HR or as a (potential) Hero. Feel free to call 030 22 72 397 or use our contactform to leave a message at hrhelden.com. See you soon!

You’re an HR Hero and want to apply?
HRRR!!! Use the contactform below and don’t forget to attach your CV. Of course feel free to call us any time.

In search of an HR Hero?
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